Honey Gables Spring 2017 Newsletter

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Spring Flowers

Honey Gables Spring 2017 Newsletter


Happy spring!  We bring you this year’s first Newsletter from the desk of the Honey Gables Community Association (HGCA) executive committee, following near-record snowfalls this winter and record rainfalls for the months of April and May. Hopefully, you are dry and in good health! Have faith the sun is coming!


On Saturday, May 6th, 2017, the HGCA executive hosted its Annual General Meeting/Open House with the goal of sharing the results of the work we have done over the last year and our plans for 2017.  It was also an opportunity to open the floor to suggestions and recommendations on how to improve our community in the coming year.

Highlights from the AGM

River Rd Update

  • Bron Vasic and Mike Reid attended a meeting with city council to address the traffic issues, most notably speeding, and volume. The city is reviewing its findings from a study conducted that indicated volumes to be normal for this type of roadway.  Solutions for reducing the speed limit on River Rd, as well as traffic calming solutions for the intersection at Leitrim Rd were also presented and are being considered by city officials.  More to come this year on this issue!


  • Bron Vasic and Mike Reid also attended a meeting with Chief Bordeleau of the Ottawa Police, Community Police Resource Officers and members of community associations in our area (ie Riverside South, Barrhaven etc.). A traffic blitz at the intersection of River Rd and Vimy Memorial Bridge netted over 100+ traffic infractions this fall.  Ottawa Police would like to encourage residents of Riverside South to report incidents of speeding and other traffic violations.  This data is used to increase patrols on roads where frequent violations are seen.




Executive Committee Changes

  • Bron Vasic has resigned from his role as president of the HGCA. On behalf of the Honey Gables community we would like to thank Bron for all of his hard work, his dedication to the betterment of our community and all of his personal contributions over the years!  Bron and Marie have been residents of Honey Gables for many years, and take personal pride in making our little community a great place to live, we couldn’t have been represented by a better person! Thank you Bron!
  • Stepping into the role of President is Mike Reid, former Vice President and a very active member of our community. Mike brings some youth and excitement into the role of community leader and although has big shoes to fill it’s expected that the HGCA has the right person for the job.  Congrats Mike, the Honey Gables community thanks you for volunteering your time and efforts as President.
  • Also accepting more responsibility this year will be Andrea Huck (street rep for River Rd) who has taken on the role of Vice President. Andrea and husband Bryan have lived in Honey Gables for 3 years now and have both been active community members since their arrival.  Similar to Mike, with a young family at home, Andrea’s time and commitment to our community are much appreciated by the Honey Gables community.  Thanks Andrea!
  • We can expect that the priorities of the incoming President and VP to include traffic issues on River Rd, maintaining a clean and safe community, and promoting strong community involvement.
  • Another departure to announce, Heather Gulyas has resigned from her role as street rep for Ryeburn Dr. Heather has been a very prominent representative on the HGCA executive for many years, serving as President, Vice-President and Street Rep.  Similar to the Vasics, Heather and Paul are long-time residents of Honey Gables, who regularly volunteer their time to our community.  Thank you Heather for your dedication over the years!
  • Lastly, Justin Jedlinski has been added to the executive to work with Frank Branker on web content as well as other promotional and communications products. Stay tuned for more HG content on the web!



2017-18 HGCA Executive:

Mike Reid President md.reid@hotmail.com
Andrea Huck- Vice President & Street Rep (River Rd) a.huck@rogers.com
Marie Vasic Treasurer marie@bvasic.com
Tonie Chene Secretary and Street Rep (Ryeburn) toniechene@rogers.com
Frank Branker Webmaster promomusic@gmail.com
Sandi Branker– Social Events Co-Ordinator sandi.branker@gmail.com
Dorothy Meyerhof Street Rep (Honey Gables and Little Rd) meyerhof@magma.ca
Bron Vasic Past President bron@bvasic.com
Justin Jedlinski Web Content jfjedlinski@gmail.com

Survey Results

Last month, the HGCA launched a survey to determine how to improve things like communication and involvement–and the results are in! Please see below as to how we did! A big thank you to all of you who participated–your feedback is important in driving the direction and planning of our executive for the rest of 2017.


  • Many HG residents use our website to receive updates in the community and to find out about events.
  • 76% of respondents prefer to receive communication via email
  • We are on the right track with event planning, with 72% of you planning to attend the most popular event of the year–the pig roast!
  • Community funds are best spent on events (83%), website hosting (62.5%) and advocacy (Take Back River Rd/RVCA) at 50%.


  • Continue the work with Michael Qaqish and the City Of Ottawa to come to an acceptable solution regarding speed and dangers on River Rd.
  • Focus on outreach to the community to keep you up to date on happenings within the executive and community events
  • Find ways to engage new neighbours about our community and the association, including re-establishing welcome packages.
  • Street reps will circulate and ensure that the most up-to-date contact information is on hand. One central list will be managed and maintained and then used to reach out to neighbours.
  • Surveys serve as a good “touch point” to collect information and gain important insight (yours!!!) to drive the direction of the executive.
  • Follow the link below to view the minutes from the AGM


Following the historic floods along the Ottawa River this year, it is a good time to remind HG residents of the need to be prepared in the case of an emergency.  The City of Ottawa website offers guidance on how to be more prepared in an emergency, including the 7 steps to emergency preparedness.

  • Create a communications plan
  • Establish a meeting place
  • Assemble an emergency preparedness kit
  • Learn about community plans, arrangements and authorities
  • Check on emergency plans of children’s schools and daycares
  • Learn basic first aid
  • Know when and how to evacuate


Although here in HG we are fortunate to be situated high above the waterline of the Rideau River, localized flooding and damage to the shoreline are not uncommon in the spring.  Residents with small children should be reminded that the river can flow at extremely faster flow rates this time of year than in the summer months.  Particularly interesting to note was that this year’s flow during the first weekend of April saw flow rates more than twice the historical average for that time, and then again the first weekend in May more than seven times the average.

  • Daily mean flow at Long Island on April 8th was 318 m3/sec, where the historical average is 126 m3/sec.
  • Daily mean flow at Long Island on May 8th was 290 m3/sec, where the historical average is 40 m3/sec.

For more information on flow rates and water levels on the Rideau, consult the RVCA website http://his.rvca.ca/rvcafwl/


  • June 3rd (informal) community garage sale (to coincide with the Riverside South Annual Garage Sale)
  • July 1st–Canada Day Swim and Breakfast @ Honey Gables Park 9:30am
  • August 19th–community BBQ and Movie Night
  • September–annual pig roast
  • TBD: horseshoe tournament


The HGCA executive will be meeting in early June to discuss some of the suggestions and input we received at the annual meeting. A few suggestions we are working on:

  • A bulletin board to be added to the website to serve the community that could be useful for tool swaps, “looking for” items or just a way to reach out to other members in the community
  • Establishing a list of “preferred contractors” (e.g. eaves troughs, roofing, plumbing, electrical, tree trimming etc.). Knowledge (and a dry basement) is power.
  • We’re looking for interesting and fun photos from around the community to post on the web and use in future newsletters. If you have an interesting photo you’d like to share please send it to jfjedlinski@gmail.com or honeygables2017@hotmail.com.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to email any member of the executive, reach out to your street rep or send an email to our general mailbox, honeygables2017@hotmail.com

Looking forward to a fun year in our neighbourhood!  Stay tuned for the summer newsletter edition

Happy spring!

The HGCA Executive