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Leitrim Road and River Road,

Update on Leitrim Road for HGCA

19 March 2018

Dorothy Meyerhof

Dorothy Meyerhof

Summary information from a meeting on Thursday 22 February 2018 on future developments regarding realignment of Leitrim Road.  This realignment is not scheduled to occur until around 2031, however, there are two pieces of information that are of more immediate interest to the Honey Gables community.


1. The proposed solution to the intersection of Leitrim Road and River Road, according to the consultants for the long-term project, is a roundabout, although we have recently been informed by the City of Ottawa there would be a traffic light.  Neither solution is planned for the immediate future.  Currently, there is no information on the costs for the two options or on a date of implementation.

2. The Trillium line of the Light Rail project, which will terminate around Earl Armstrong Road, is scheduled to be in operation by 2021.  Before then Leitrim Road will be redesigned with an overpass, over the Trillium line.  This is a separate project from the long-term realignment of Leitrim.

Dorothy Meyerhof

  1. SUSAN LAHAM said on March 29, 2018 10:02 am:

    I find it particularly, funny, amusing, and greatly frustrating, that this light rail project (which to me has disrupted more than improved and has cost a lot more than first said) it going to be out here in this area, and not for us on River Rd and adjacent neighborhoods but is mostly to accommodate Riverside South, which is fine but don’t you think the powers that be should be invested a little bit of money into safety, such as speed control, as apposed to making a name for yourself…to be known as the man who saw the light rail to the end…I would rather be known as the man who potentially saved lives and kept accidents to nil, never mind kept the nerves of those of us trying to get into and out of our lane ways and neighborhoods steady and us sane. And Thank you Dorothy/Tom for the updates.

  2. Nancy said on April 7, 2018 10:25 pm:

    It was ever thus Susan. The things which should matter the most – hardly and sadly, don,t even make it to the bottom of the pile let alone anywhere near the top.