Carol Anne Meehan Ottawa City Councillor for Ward 22

June 22, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Concerns

Ryeburn Drive to Riversedge Crescent

Open Letter to Carol Anne Meehan Ottawa City Councillor for Ward 22

Dear Carol Anne,

The Honey Gables Community Association requests expansion of regular snow removal on the footpath that connects our community from the southern end of Ryeburn Drive to Riversedge Crescent in The Landing, and continues to the traffic lights at the entrance to the shopping center at River Road and Earl Armstrong Road.

We are aware that the City of Ottawa has specific policies and priorities that determine the order in which public sidewalks and footpaths are cleared of snow, based on the number and needs of users, and taking into account the importance each pathway in the overall transportation network.

We sincerely hope that you find that the following arguments presented below in support of our requests offer a convincing case.

Snow Removal on the Pathway at the End of Ryeburn Drive

Ryeburn Drive to Riversedge Crescent


We see as a necessity the removal of the snow that has been allowed to accumulate on the footpath that connects our community with Riversedge Crescent in The Landing, just beyond the southern terminus of Ryeburn Drive. The accumulation on the pathway comes about as the result of city plows clearing the turnaround at the end of Ryeburn and pushing snow onto the pathway. 



When not otherwise blocked by snow, the footpath is used by Honey Gables residents, including seniors and children, to access:

  • public transit
  • work
  • banking
  • shopping
  • daycare
  • medical and dental services, and
  • for recreation and exercise.


The footpath is the preferred route to access these services because there are severe risks in walking along River Road:

honey-gables- resident-shoveling-pathway

Honey Gables resident shoveling pathway

Last winter, some Honey Gables residents had, on occasion, taken it upon themselves to shovel the snow to keep the area between the end of Ryeburn Drive and the pathway open to pedestrian traffic.

Residents shoveling a public space is not a viable or advisable long-term solution. Having the City keep this pathway regularly cleared of snow would greatly facilitate and expand the use it receives during the winter months.

Walking on River Road – ill-advised at the best of times.

There are risks in walking along the shoulder of River Road, especially during the winter months and busy morning and evening commute times. With the completion of the Vimy Memorial Bridge, River Road has seen greatly increased use by motorists. The morning traffic coming across the bridge from Barrhaven area and continuing east to Limebank Road is far less than projected. Instead, drivers are turning north onto River Road. Many of these appear to have little regard for the newly lowered speed limit in the area of 60 km/hour. And seldom do drivers obey the law by waiting for a vehicle in front of them to turn west off of River Road into The Landing or Honey Gables. In addition, a proposed Plan of Subdivision application submitted by Richcraft Homes Ltd. This subdivision is located at 879 River Rd.

These factors make walking on the shoulder of River Road a dangerous practice, especially in winter when snow banks can severely restrict the shoulder’s width.  

The Need for a Safe Alternate Pedestrian Route

We need a reliable, year-round route that will permit pedestrian access all the way to the central shopping area and public transportation at the intersection of River and Earl Armstrong Roads, one that would serve as a far safer alternative to the busy and dangerous River Road.  

Honey Gables residents, including many seniors, view the pathways leading to and across Claudette Cain Park as our preferred pedestrian route to banking, medical and dental services, the grocery store and public transport.  The alternative is to take a chance and walk along the shoulder of River Road.

City crews currently remove snow along the pathway that leads south from the southernmost corner of Riversedge Crescent, east along the border of the soccer pitch in Claudette Cain Park, then north to the traffic lights on River Road located at the pathway entrance to Shoreline Drive. This is not good enough.

We need to have sidewalk snow plow operators expand their route by continuing south on the path that parallels the eastern edge of the soccer pitch all the way to the traffic lights at the entrance to the shopping centre. It is difficult to imagine the incremental costs to the city possibly being of an order that would outweigh the benefits to residents of both Honey Gables and The Landing of this improvement.


  1. Mat Dagenais said on October 11, 2019 11:53 am:

    Good morning! I’m not too sure who this goes to, but my name is Mat Dagenais and my wife Shannon and I have recently moved into 13 little rd. We are so excited to be here!

    I heard about this snow removal issue the community was having with our pathways and I just wanted to follow up. I’m noticing that this thread is over a year old, has anything come out of this?


  2. Ryeburn said on August 19, 2020 3:30 pm:

    Walking is still in fashion for members of the Honey Gables community. Except, we can’t do it on River Road in the Winter.