Honey Gables Community Autumn Newsletter 2019

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Ryeburndrive at Honeygables Drive

Notes from HGCA Minutes – August 2019

Excessive speed and ignoring stop signs continue to be a concern in the neighbourhood, especially with the increase in pedestrian and cycling traffic.

A plan was initiated to have calming posts installed on Honey Gables Drive.  However, concerns were raised that posts placed down the middle of the road may make it unsafe for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians due to factors such as on-street parking, and the lack of sidewalks and street lighting. Alternative traffic calming measures are being considered.

There have been many reports of vandalism and thefts in Riverside South.  There is concern that the crime will spill over into our community and that non-residents are

taking advantage of the privacy and seclusion that we enjoy in Honey Gables. 

In particular, an increasing amount of people have been seen loitering and partying around Honey Gables Park.  If you are aware of such activity, please report the incident to the police. Confronting individuals who are creating a disturbance is not advised.

The Association is asking for clarification of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority’s decision to create a No-wake Zone on the Rideau River north of Honey Gables.  This has shortened the distance water skiers can use on the river and increased boat traffic along Honey Gables.

The HGCA wants to be more active in engaging with our government representatives.   MP’s, MPP’s and municipal counsellors usually hold periodic   consultations with community representatives. HGCA members plan on attending these meetings more frequently to discuss matters of concern to our residents.

The planned Movie Night has been cancelled.

Budget constraints have made it necessary to cut out the sleigh rides at this year’s Winter Carnival. Although it was a popular part of the festivities, it was very costly feature.  Consequently, the Association felt it could not be accommodated within this year’s budget.  We will re-visit having sleigh riding at subsequent winter celebrations.

Honey Gables Fall Feast

The annual Community Fall Feast was held on September 8th hosted again by Angelo and Krista Cinanni. A beautiful late summer day allowed for an opportunity for neighbours to take advantage of delicious food and great company. Thanks to Angelo and Krista for allowing us to use their home once again and to all those who organized and contributed to a wonderful day.
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HGCA Treasurer’s Report

For the period July 30, 2018 to July 31, 2019

Balance as at July 30, 2018                            $1,475.00

Deposit  – Member Dues                                      850.00



Bank charges                                       7.00

September Fall Feast supplies     391.00

February   Winter Carnival           724.00

June          BBQ supplies                  94.00

July      Canada Day supplies

from 2018 paid in Sept.               198.00

                              for 2019            113.00


Reconciled Bank Balance – July 31, 2019       $798.00                

Note: stale-dated cheque outstanding  $50.00

Ottawa Hospital donation for Lynne Landry               

2019 HGCA Executive

The next HGCA meeting will be November 18th.  If you have any issues you wish brought forward, contact a member of the executive or your street representative.  Your HGCA executive for 2019 is:

Mike Reid – President

Heather Guylas – 1st  Vice-President

Wally Williams   – 2nd Vice-President

Sandi Branker – Secretary

Marie Vasic – Treasurer

Bron Vasic – Past President

Carla Celli – Events Coordinator

Dorothy Meyerhof – Honey Gables Dr./

                                             Little Rd. Rep

Tonie Chene –  Ryeburn Dr. Rep

Rachel Le – River Road Rep

Frank Branker- HGCA Webmaster