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Welcome to this years’ first newsletter from the desk of your Honey Gables Community Executive!

Wow! What a year it’s been so far!
Who would’ve thought back in January and February that the world as we know it would’ve evolved so dramati-cally away from what was our lives?
And that our ability to get together socially would suddenly come to a halt?

It’s been a time where we’ve become aware of our isolated single and senior neighbours….
Families with little ones not able to go to school, daycare, or play together ….
Parents scrambling to keep everyone sane and happy and still manage to work (or not).
No monthly bookclubs or any of the other ’Clubs’ have been possible…
Then over time our quiet little neighbourhood was discovered as the beautiful oasis of calmness we know, for so many people from other places.
And now, as people venture out more and more, we are navigating a new way to be neighbours and friends.

Although we have not been able to host our usual social activities so far this year, fear not!
Your HG Exec has been pressing on with all it’s responsibilities inside the neighbourhood and beyond:

Meetings continue as required:

In November, the Executive met to discuss the impact of new “No Wake Zones” on the Rideau River, on both sides of Honey Gables. As well, the community continues to provide feedback about speeding on our streets, requesting “calming measures” be activated. We were successful in receiving from the City a small annual fund-ing to assist with the expense of some of the social activities we plan and provide for the families in our neigh-bourhood. We are actively pursuing engagement with many levels of City Hall so that we are apprised of and involved in developments all around HG, which impact us.

In November, members of the Executive also attended public meetings setting out the development of lands on the east side of the Vimy Memorial Bridge and the impact increased density will have on traffic congestion and access to our neighbourhood from River Road, along with other considerations. Light Rail development was also presented with input requested by City Planners.

In January the Executive met to prepare for a meeting between our City Councillor – Carol Anne Meehan – and all the Community Associations in Ward 22 to discuss Ward priorities and specific concerns in our
neighbourhood. We also received clarification from our Councillor that at this time, there would be no installa-tion of a set of activated intersection stop lights on River Road outside HG. There would however, be the crea-tion of a stop light intersection at River Road and Leitrim Road (however, this intersection is #13 on the list of signals to be installed). Once again, we also requested that the City clear the footpath of snow from HG to the Landing in the winter months, so we can be connected to the bus hub and businesses around the grocery store.

We are continuing to engage with the City around enforcement of speeding on River Road, and use of turn lanes off Vimy Memorial Bridge north onto River Road – including installing red-light cameras and making
River Road “ No Trucking” as it remains categorized as a ‘Scenic Route.’

In January, members of the Executive represented Honey Gables residents at the Community Associations Meeting with our Councillor. We soon realized that it could be very advantageous to work closely with the
other Ward 22 Associations in advancing our concerns, feedback, and requests to our Councillor and the City at large.

Then COVID 19 hit us!

In June, the Executive met to discuss the issue of ongoing speeding through the neighbourhood. With so many little children and seniors out and about and no sidewalks available … it can be a very dangerous
situation unless people show care and respect for pedestrians and little scooter/bicycle people. The City has been contacted to request paint lines/chevrons at the bottom of Honey Gables Drive where there have been near misses where the stop sign is invisible or being ignored while people/families are walking across the road.

Honey Gables has a long storied history of enjoyment of the waterway we border on. Keith Ingold has been an avid skier going back 70 years. His daughter and her friend (a four-time Olympic skier) are responsible for es-tablishing a water ski school running from Cedardale years back. Many residents have purchased
waterfront properties here over the years, and have maintained their waterfront for the sheer enjoyment they derive from living alongside this historic world heritage site. And many inside neighbours also love this
waterway and all it offers.

There is increased concern regarding the safety of people enjoying the use of the Rideau River around HG. Chapman Mills Conservation Area across from Honey Gables has become a launching platform for stand up paddling, canoes, kayaks and other watercraft. As well many more people are using it for swimming across the river to Claudette Cain Park. This puts them in the middle of the channel where they are not visible to motor craft. Some of these craft move very quickly ( ie. ‘Jet Skis,’ pleasure craft and large ‘Tour Boats’ passing each other to get in line at the next lock). We also see greater use of our park by kids wanting to hang out and swim across the river.

As well, the establishment of the ‘No Wake Zone’ signs on either end of HG means that people up and down the river who wish to water ski or wakeboard are forced to make a loop inside the two signs in front of our
neighbourhood. This is resulting in increased traffic and safety issues.

On July 23rd, we held a community-wide meeting at our park to discuss our concerns and some potential
solutions to some of these issues. It was determined that, without education and enforcement, there is
the potential to lose the traditional use of the river. Attendees unanimously voted that under the banner of the Honey Gables Community Association we would engage other neighbouring communities and reach out to the RVCA / our City Councillor / Parks Canada / our local MPP / and our MP to come up with an
understandable, consistent, transparent approach to the ongoing traditional safe use of the river.
Subcommittees of your neighbours are drafting letters at this time.

COVID 19 information – You are invited to visit:

City of Ottawa site:

As well to receive Ward 22 City Councillor Carol Anne Meehans weekly newsletter:

While it is still impossible for your Executive to safely plan and offer any social events providing an opportunity for our neighbours to get together, we are still hard at work representing your concerns and looking for
solutions to some of our needs as a community. Just a reminder that Its time for our annual household collec-tion of $20, which goes a long way to helping get things done. We feel the best way to do this safely is to ask that each household send an etransfer to our Treasurer: Marie Vasic at marie@bvasic.com, or if you’d prefer, please drop off an envelope with a cheque or cash under her front door mat at 22 Honey Gables Drive.

Stay safe neighbours!

Smile, wave and do something totally awesome for your neighbours – in Honey Gables and beyond… we will come through this stronger and enlightened!

Heather Gulyas & Walter Williams,
On behalf of your Honey Gables Community Association.