Coyote in Ontario

March 19, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Concerns,General Meetings

coyotes in honey gables community

Coyote in Ontario including Ottawa

In response to the increase of resident concerns regarding coyotes in the Honey Gables community including Riverside South, our community, Carolanne Meehan hosted a public information session on “living with coyotes on” recorded on Thursday, March 18, 2021. She was joined by wildlife expert, Nick Stow, Management Biologist, Scott Smithers, and Roger Chapman, Manager of By-Law Regulatory Services. This information session will provide information on how we can live with coyotes and also consist of a question and answer period.

Reporting Coyotes to #311

We have been living with coyotes for many years. If the residents of the Honey Gables community reported coyote sitings, The City Of Ottawa will get a reported sighting on an average of one a day.