Meeting Notes – 21 November 2019 – Urbandale Development River Road and Vimy Bridge

Meeting Notes – 21 November 2019 – Urbandale Development River Road and Vimy Bridge – Organized by the Riverside South Community Association


Attended by Frank Branker; Heather Gulyas and Bron Vasic


1) Urbandale Development River Road and Strandherd Bridge:


Presentation by City of Ottawa Planner (didn’t get name)

Urbandale Representative Available for Questions (didn’t get name)

Third person present I believe representing City Planning and Infrastructure

Twenty-one (21) hectare parcel of land being developed by Urbandale south of the Vimy Bridge fronting River Road and Rideau River:

  • Fits into City of Ottawa Community Design Plan (revised 2016) for Riverside South
  • 3 parcels totaling 226 homes including:
    • 112 Apartments next to Vimy Bridge ‘medium density’ 3 stories / one access point to River Road
    • 79 single family homes next parcel south ‘low density’ / two access points to River Road
    • 55 townhomes next parcel south ‘low density’ / one access point to River Road
    • Two parcels of land designated for future development in between and to the south.
    • Two open spaces (01Z ) designated parks and recreation / a storm water management site (01R ) between the homes and the Rideau River / areas designated ‘environmental preserve’ and river ‘open space floodplain’ (01)
    • Occupancy beginning 2020
  • Studies Conducted: Geotechnical/ Noise Control/ Archaeological/ Environmental Assessment/ Transportation/ Planning Report. “Generally in line with City Policies. Supportive of the development with no adverse impact or affect”. Note he did not say there was any study on traffic issues as a result of the development. And when asked, no one present could answer how the traffic was to access River Road or their homes. There was mentioned a possibility of a median but they did not answer if there was going to be a traffic light for that neighborhood.

Several present raised concerns regarding existing traffic issues on River Road including Frank, Bron and Heather. City planner said that traffic studies would be conducted.


2) Transportation Plan including Light Rail:


Presentation by City Transportation Official

  • Currently approx. 16,000 population moving towards 85,000. Riverside South ‘City Center’ is being planned for Strandherd and Limebank Roads. Owned by Richcraft and Urbandale.
  • LRT new alignment will show the line going north south at Bowesville with an east west line running through City Centre (with a park and ride there) and two others stops in RS with no park and rides but OC Transpo ‘feeder buses’  to these smaller stops.
  • A French Public High School will be built at City Centre: 4 stories with commercial on the first floor built alongside the LRT Station there.
  • Higher density housing (10-12 stories) to be built along corridor of the LRT east west.
  • Land north of RS bordering on River Road Mosquito Creek/ Leitrim Road/ Limebank Road to be developed into Business Park.





  • Carol Anne Meehan’s Assistant – David Brown – was in attendance and stated that ‘he and Carol Anne were looking into having ‘motion sensitive’ traffic lights installed on River Road at Honey Gables’.


  • These are like the one at Tewsley Drive which is triggered by a vehicle approaching River Road from the residential street. Don’t hold your breath folks – that’s a BIG TICKET ITEM – but I just about did a somersault on the spot. Also, he told me that although an engineering study has been done for traffic lights at River Road and Leitrim and one is warranted …. That intersection is 13th on the list for installation of lights.  If that is the case I just don’t know how they are going to find the money to widen/improve River Road at Honey Gables or Ryeburn. Frank, Bron and Heather were very vocal in describing the horrendous traffic situation on River Road: speeding/dangerous driving and not being able to access our streets in or out. Frank was very clear that we will be picking up speed again to push for left turning lanes going north.


Further to the point above, Sandi received an email from Carol Anne on 3 December and here was the message:


I am currently meeting with staff to initiate the process to get an on-demand traffic light for Honey Gables and River Road. I am going to “trade” the traffic signalized intersection which is scheduled for River/Leitrim Road intersection, so we can get something for Honey Gables. My hope is that an on-demand light will be cheaper, and will provide direct relief to those living in Honey Gables.

I hope this answers your question. Let me know if I can provide any additional information.         Carol Anne”