Pathway Snow Clearing Riversedge Crescent Honey Gables Drive

Pathway Snow Clearing Riversedge Crescent  to Honey Gables Drive

This is a draft document 

Residents of the Honey Gables community and the residents of the Riversideedge community would like the City of Ottawa to commit in its plans to clear the pathway from riversedge crescent to Honey Gables drive.

In 2016, the city of Ottawa did extend the cleaning from the  Riversideedge community to Ryeburn drive.

more paths for pedestrians and cyclists this winter.extend the pathway cleaning in the winter months to include the path that runs from Ricrescente cresent to Honey Gables Drive

The pathway is shared by two communities Honey gables and the landing at Rivers edge. Residents of both communities use the pathway for excise including cycling, pet walking, plus access to major roads, shopping, and links to transit and the other walking and cycling paths.



Many residents from the Honey Gables community frequently use the pathway to commute to and from the neighborhood shopping area at the corner of River Road and Earl Armstrong Road, and to the park and ride transit. Most residents prefer that option instead walking along the unpaved shoulder of river road

We are aware that the City of Ottawa has specific policies for snow removal on sidewalks and pathways and that priorities are determined based on user needs.

We need a safe walking alternate route in the winter that leads to and from our main shopping area at the corner of River Road and Earl Armstrong Road 

We understand that the City of Ottawa priorities is based on the importance of a pathway to the overall transportation network. Our job is to lobby the City and show the importance of having this pathway open.